As a person that is always involved in some project (either professional or hobby) I have many activities. Some highlight are below. Be sure to check my github, maybe you find something interesting there.


This is my voluntary activity. I go to my high school and do a presentation about software development.

I’m not primarily a Python developer, but I have 2 years of experience in writing python code. I know my way around. For me it is a language for writing tools and automated stuff mostly.

PythonDays started in 2017 as a project of my former IT teacher. I was invited as speaker to talk about software development, I accepted and it was very nice. Now the conference is in its third year and it became very successful in my high school town. It really helps the students and inspire them. I’m glad that I’m a part of it.

  • PythonDay 2017 – Comparison of languages – Java, C++ and Python, here is an article about it
  • PythonDay 2018 – Inter-working between python and C – Using ctypes in Python, check this and this link
  • PythonDay 2019 – Testing software, not just Python – Using PyTest as automating framework for integration testing


I was working on taxi dispatching app. It consist of Android driver app, android customer app and backed app for server. This project is currently on hold.

The current state of one part (backend) is hosted on github here


I have several hobby projects on github. Most notable I’m working on “programming-helpers” written in python. This tool can help you with day-to-day programming as well as with some special stuff.