Hi there! I’m a software engineer that works mostly on networking stuff. My favorites languages are C++ and C. I like Python, Java and Javascript.

I’m keen on learning new things (and re-learning the old ones because, well, people forget). I like google, duckduckgo because of the power of search for what ever you are interested in. Have been blogging when I was young, then stopped and now started again fresh. Partly because of I want to learn stuff and partly because it is fun.

I like programming. It gives me ability to transform my ideas into something that works and do something. I don’t care that the code is “not real” and you can not actually touch it as many people often say to me. You can not touch happiness or love but still they exist and people enjoy it. Same is with the code. If it is written right then it is very rewarding to see it run or being used.

I have been using linux as my primary system for a long time now. I enjoyed configuring my desktop in the past, now I just run KDE and I’m happy with how it looks and feel. Nowadays I’m playing with system stuff. Configuring servers in work and at home, so you can expect some post about linux here as well.

OpenSUSE Gecko

This blog is mainly about stuff I have learnt and my points of view on them. It is a nice way to get a bit organized. Random stuff I know melted into a post that makes sense and can maybe help someone else.