I started thinking about getting a blog. After some time I finally decided to actually start one. The blogging content will be about (surprise surprise) programming, tech, linux and open source. From time to time I will probably post some random thought about some social issue or environment.

I have given a lot of thought how to start and what platform to choose. In the end I ended with WordPress and installed it manually on my server that I have for some time now. I already had a personal domain, so this blog is a nice use case for it.

The platform

Obviously I could create easily my blog on some free hosting platform but that was not what I choose.


I had some requirements in the beginning, so the decision was a bit easier for me. Here are some

  • Free platform
  • I had to own my data
  • Ads – there should be possibility to add ads for in future
  • Previous experience
  • Good tutorials and documentation

The previous experience point did limit the platforms to 4: WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal. Blogger being a google product and seeing that google can just shut down what is used by millions then I decided that it is a not a good idea. I did not even study about ads and owning my data. Drupal seemed to have less tutorials and documentation. It looks that Drupal is ideal for very big sites, the ads are OK. I chose not to use it because I looked complicated. The story about Joomla is the same as Drupal’s. So I ended up with WordPress.


It took me under 1 hour to install and configure wordpress on my server. I’m already hosting a nodejs app on my server and using Nginx , so I had a bit experience with that. I’m using MariaDB instead of MySQL but it seems OK. I was missing php, so I grabbed it from the repo and it all works fine now. I did spend some time picking a theme, but who did not? There will be post in future with steps and troubles that I had during install.

Now what?

As I wrote before this will be a tech blog so expect tutorials and other tech stuff in programming.

The schedule

I said to myself: Let’s try to do at least one post per week for 1 year to see if I can handle it or not.


The obvious one is to improve english. Other expectation is to learn new stuff as I will write about something. This is kind of important for me because I was a person that did a lot of research and nowadays it just does not feel like I’m doing it anymore. Another one is: get a bit organized. Create and publish at least one post per week is huge challenge, if you don’t know how to manage your time.

I hope that you will enjoy my blog and find every (or at least most) post useful and/or interesting.

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